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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome To My New Diggs!

Welcome to Art and Life by Kari Desi!

I'd been thinking of changing the name and URL of my blog for a while. If only I would have known to choose my URL based on my name when I first started...but, we learn as we go, don't we! Fortunately, I found some great advice and the transition went so smoothly! And thankfully, my followers are finding me. Whew! I feel good about the change!

Anyway, I decided to share what I did, since it worked so well, just in case anyone else wants to make a similar change. So, here goes:
  1. The first step is to save your blog by going to the Settings tab and clicking on Basic. Then click on Export and choose where to save your blog. Everything stays the same on your current blog.
  2. Next while your still signed in to your blog, go to your Dashboard and click on "create a blog". Enter the title and URL you want your blog associated with. If you choose your name, then you can change the title any time you want without if affecting the whole blog. If you choose a catchy phrase or other kind of name and you want to change your blog, that can be trickier. After you find out if the URL you want is available and you type in the security letters/numbers, you'll be directed to choose a template. (You can design it later).
  3. Now it's time to import your blog. Go to the Settings tab and click on Basic and then on Import Blog. You will be importing the blog that you just saved. You should get all of your posts and comments no problem, however, you may have to reinstall some of your widgets. You may also have to redo some or all of your design. 
  4. Enter a post on your old blog directing your followers to your new blog so that they can find you. This is the most important part because along with changing the URL you will lose all your followers. It's a good idea to leave the post there for 30 days or so and then delete the old blog.
  5. And you're all set!
I hope that's helpful and if you have any other advice or tips, feel free to share!

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