"The proper use of imagination is to give beauty to the world..." Lin Yu-T'ang

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wildlife at the Park

There's a beautiful park near me that has an abundance of wildlife, especially birds and waterfowl. Although sometimes challenging and requiring lots of patience, there are plenty of opportunities to get some nice shots.  (And oh how I yearn for a nice DSLR camera...)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art Journal: June

A recent page from my art journal.

Sometimes the worries of life can get the best of us. 
Sometimes life requires more than we have to give at the moment. 
Sometimes the challenges that we face are steep and the paths are rocky. 
Sometimes we lose our footing. 
Sometimes we experience the pain of life as well as the joy. 
Sometimes it's easier (and more fun!) to dream of being somewhere else. 
We do what we must. 
We persevere. 
We keep going. 
Choosing to stay present.
Taking one step at a time.
And still dreaming...
peace. ♥

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Farmer's Market: A Festival of Color

I love shopping at our local farmer's market. Everything is organic and fresh. It's a feast for the eyes and soul as well as the body; a festival of color. Buckets abundantly filled with cut flowers; bins, boxes and baskets overflowing with luscious fruits and vegetables; and tables of fresh baked goods, fish, honey, sorbet and coffee. Tantalizing smells of fresh produce waft through the air, alive with the energy of those shopping and sampling. There's  a bit of an "old world" feel, similar to the feeling I had when I shopped the open air markets while visiting Paris and other European cities. It feels good to shop at the farmer's market. It feels good to buy fresh, local, organic food and support the farmer's who grow it and make it available. I know I'm getting quality, healthy, fresh, organic food and I love the eye candy; there's never a shortage for great photo taking. It's a highlight of my week. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Untitled Collage

Nothing makes me happier than creating something the speaks the truth of my heart.

I ran across this quote today that encouraged and inspired me:

"How I use the material at hand is often more important than the material itself."
~Kurt Schwitters
From Launa D. Romoff's site