"The proper use of imagination is to give beauty to the world..." Lin Yu-T'ang

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Night Gratitude

Ah, it's Wednesday again already! Half way through another week -- and with a holiday right around the corner. A few things I have gratitude for so far this week:

*My Pretty Boys, Huey and Mystery (aren't they handsome?)
*I'm so glad that I've been able to let them out in the back yard the last few evenings. They're so happy to be outside!
*The beautiful, perfect mild weather that we've been having.
*I'm excited to see my daughter dance on Friday!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Banner

Well, it's taken me months, but I finally learned how to make a banner of sorts. I felt a little intimidated by this and it took me a while to figure out the size to make it. I'm still a little off from my template. I had fun with this and look forward to making another and another and getting better and better at it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life's Messy...Make Art

It all started on Friday. A day off from work means getting out all of my stuff...

and spreading out over my ENTIRE work surface!

And I was able to leave it out all weekend to be able to work!

I don't know how to be neat when I create. I "get out my messy" and I let it spill all over the place. It feels good to be a little messy, to let things appear in disarray. I can see everything, get things out, hear what my heart wants to say without censuring anything, feel the art that wants to be expressed. I'm good with the chaos, in life and in art, and I have an insatiable curiosity to see what happens next.

I also have to be alone when I create. My creativity and ideas all seem to lie within that alone-ness. My greatest creative treasures come forth when I go into the deep loneliness, face fears and take risks. It's a journey. It's an adventure. A richly satisfying one.

It's not finished yet, but it's a good start and I'm looking forward to working with it some more this week!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Night Gratitude


It's Wednesday night and we're half way through the week! Here are a few things I'm grateful for this week:

*I'm grateful to have gotten up early this morning.
*I'm grateful to have practiced my yoga today. It makes my body more flexible.
*I'm grateful for good conversation with my husband this week.
*I'm grateful to be able to provide my daughter the ballet classes she SO loves. 

What are you grateful for this week? I would love to hear. It doesn't matter how big or small or how many things you may have just one or two will do!! Gratitude fills hearts with joy and appreciation and helps create love and beauty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Knit

"The French were masters of an art 
that had nothing to do with money 
and everything to do with an 
appreciation of the small, lovely moments in life."
~Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, French Girl Knits

Well, it's done...almost. Just blocking, some antique buttons I found at the Farm Chicks Antique Show, and a bit of silk ribbon (when I find just the right one) and it will be finished! 

I chose a Sugar Rush yarn for this project. The 100% sugar cane viscose was incredibly soft to work with. I can't wait to show the final touches!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Build a Cottage

"I am excessively fond of a cottage; 
there is always so much comfort, 
so much elegance about them...
I advise everybody who is going to build, 
to build a cottage."

~Sense & Sensibility