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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Brand New Look

Ah...Finally! I've been wanting to change the look of my blog for so long but was afraid to try the new template designer in Blogger. I just couldn't stand my old banner anymore either. It was the first banner I created several months ago, and thankfully, I've grown a little bit since then! I needed an update.

So, I spent the whole morning redesigning my blog, creating a new banner, and giving my blog its much needed makeover. It was quiet in the house this morning as my family slept in late and the rain fell softly outside. The gift of time. I got to just learn and plan and create. I faced my fears of messing everything up took a deep breath and jumped right in. Do you know that feeling that you have after cleaning out the closet you've been avoiding? That's how I feel. I realized that I was avoiding my blog because I didn't like looking at it anymore. Now I feel good looking at it and I feel good that I overcame some obstacles and learned some new things. And being creative always energizes me. And you know what? The new template designer was not as hard as I thought it was. There are literally hundreds of options and it's totally customizable and easy to use for any level. So, if you've been putting it off, go dive into the deep end! You'll be glad you did.

And now...about that closet...


  1. This is just beautifulI
    I love the banner (especially the cup) and your blog as a whole.
    I was blog hopping and had to see what you have done after reading your post title- I am wanting to update mine as well; thanks for the inspiration, Kristin xo

  2. Hi Kari
    The new blog facelift looks lovely. I'm always fiddling with mine :)


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