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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude

Can you believe it's Wednesday already? The days just click by don't they?

We all go through times of uncertainty and stress. It's just part of life. I'm in one of mine and have been for a while. Every time I hit that place, I ask myself two questions: Do I need to kick it in gear and get a little more motivated? Do I need to just chill and wait and be patient? Sometimes they are not easy questions to answer. The Unknown doesn't come with a flashlight and a map. I most often feel like I'm walking through a cave in the pitch black. But as long as I can take a step forward, I keep going. So, with that in mind, here's what I have gratitude for this week:

  • I'm grateful that my daughter and I can work out our differences and while sometimes it's difficult to reach that point of understanding, we can celebrate at the end of the day.
  • I'm grateful for the roof over my head. I appreciate my home and the peaceful environment that I can create.
  • I'm grateful for friends who stay in touch with me even though distance prevents us from grabbing a cup of tea or catching a movie together.
  • I'm grateful for all of the new friends I'm meeting through the art and blog communities I'm venturing into.

 What do you do to keep going in times of uncertainty? What do you especially have gratitude for today?


  1. Hi Kari! It's so nice to read a post like this. I would be here all day if I told you all that I am grateful for. I do know that an "attitude of gratitude" is what keeps me happy and keeps my life good. Sure, things happen... but the power in positive thinking and gratitude for what we have is an amazing thing!! Thank you for reminding everyone of that!
    oh, and thank you for your sweet comment about my Halloween design. :)

  2. great post Kari, and I really like the new blog design :)


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