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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Morning

I was up at 6 am this morning (not so atypical for me). The gloomy, rainy, windy weather kept me awake in the wee hours and actually put me in a quiet, reflective mood the way only that kind of weather can. Spending some early morning time searching, reading, looking, listening to what inspires me and enjoying the quiet when no one but me and the cat are up, is a delightful part of my day that I look forward to. After a few moments of jotting things down in my journal, I started my yoga practice and meditated for a few minutes. A walk outside and then a cup of tea, and I was ready to go. Today is day two of Flora Bowley's e-course and I'm so excited after weeks of feeling very nervous. Today was "free play" (my phrase), of just laying down a foundation of warm color mix to work from and so much fun! Watching the warm colors swirl around in a mix of pigment and water made for interesting texture and designs. I won't be documenting the whole process, but here's a peek at what one of my foundations looks like (as likely no one will ever see it after this).

After painting a couple of foundations, I got busy on my History of Women in Art test. Does anyone else get nervous about tests? Oh, my, I was even dreaming about it all the while telling myself, "It's only a test!" Well, here it is early afternoon, and everything is finished, the big things that were on my list anyway. Now I have time to do a little reading for class, do a little record keeping, return a couple of emails and then make dinner. After that will be some nice relaxing time with my family and maybe a glass of wine.

Here's some beautiful music by Kyrstyn Pixton that Flora featured today. Both women are from Portland, OR as am I. Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful post! Normally I wouldn't wake up that early but may be I should try as well:)


  2. Your first layer is awesome! I love all the drips and blending going on. So much fun!! Good luck on your test!


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