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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude

 I haven't done a Wednesday Gratitude for a while now. Life and work just got busy and I didn't make time for it. Isn't that how it goes? Things get busy and we get into our routine and forget about certain things for a while until sometime down the road we think, "Oh, I haven't done that in a while." or "Oh, I used to do that." That's just how things go. We go in spurts sometimes. Letting my Wednesday Gratitude's go for a while made me realize that I liked doing them. Not only did it give me a way to bring out my gratitude thoughts in a purposeful way, but I really enjoyed reading others comments about what they are grateful for. Really, it's so encouraging to me to see what other people are grateful for. I really believe that when we share our gratitude with one another, we feel encouraged to keep on, keeping on. Because we are all trying the best we can, to be the best we can be in this life and play the cards we've been dealt. Some days are up days and some days are down days. None of the days last forever and neither do the ups and the downs. Everything is temporary. And gratitude helps to feed our souls and to encourage us to take another step...even if it's a down day and we can only manage to take just one.

So, this week, I have gratitude for:

Quiet, cozy evenings at home with the candles lit
Some beautiful sunshine this week
A flexible schedule that helps me manage everything I'm responsible for
and the fact that the roses are still blooming

What do you have gratitude for?

1 comment:

  1. lovely to "meet" you!
    oh yes, gratitude...
    in this moment
    for near & far, dear & prized,
    new friends.
    (by the way,
    love those brown
    fingerless gloves below!).


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