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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

At the beginning of September, I and my family took a end-of-summer fling to Seattle.We were lucky and had a beautiful day there, as you can see. So gorgeous that we just had to get out on the water. Since moving from Southern California a year ago, I badly miss my ocean mama. I couldn't wait to breathe the salt air and feel the moisture of the water. I just had to get as close to it as I could! It was too cold to swim, so we went out on a boat. Aaahhhhhh! Just what I needed. It just didn't last long enough, but it did the trick. 

Back at home...

My thirteen year old daughter just started school, as I'm sure your students did. This year, however, is different for us. Instead of a normal brick and mortar public school, like she has always attended, she has decided to attend a virtual school. It requires a bit of a mindset change and yet it will bring much freedom for her to learn the way she learns and at her own pace. She will be able to meet others that she would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. She will have the opportunity to become even more self-responsible for her work, how she manages her time, and her relationships with her teacher and others. She will also have the opportunity to participate more in the activity she loves the most...


I have a good feeling about all of this. I am looking forward to connecting more, communicating more and participating more. I'm so grateful and excited about what technology can do for us in these ways and the wonderful people we meet along the way as we continue in our process of becoming.

Happy Back to School,

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