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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Saturday's dark and rainy morning was the perfect day for brunch downtown. So, D and I got ourselves up and outside in our boots to go to what has become one of my favorite places for breakfast/brunch, Della Fattoria. We haven't gone out for brunch in a long time, so it felt special.  This particular place is special too. It's family owned and they grow all of their own food on their ranch in a rural area outside of town. The atmosphere is rustic and elegant at the same time and the service is excellent.

Our view across the street. I just loved how the white lights from the chandelier inside the restaurant were reflecting so beautifully in the window due to the dark and rainy outside.

The best crab bennie I have ever had! Instead of english muffins it was served on their homemade bread instead. And if that wasn't treat enough, the owner came over to talk to me and when I told her how much I was enjoying the crab (isn't crab better when it's dark and raining outside? Maybe that's the Pacific Northwest girl in me!) she let me know that they had gone over to pick it up fresh from fishermen the previous afternoon. Suddenly my perspective flipped! I wasn't just simply eating breakfast in a nice restaurant. I was partaking in a group endeavor that involved someone raising chickens and gathering eggs, someone else made this delicious, earthy bread, another went to the fishermen who had caught the crab to bring it back to the restaurant, a talented chef turned it into a creative, mouth-watering experience on a plate and the whole thing was brought to me by a kind, caring person who made sure I had everything I needed! I know this happens every time I order a meal. But you can't always put the names and faces to it like I could thisorning. The backstory of the creativity and care that went into preparing a meal made our whole experience that morning even more special. I know this happens every time I order a meal. But you can't always put the names and faces to it like I could this morning. It was so much more personal and so I appreciated it that much more. We felt so nurtured and cared for after that meal. So fed.

We celebrated afterward with a short walk in the rain with my happy umbrella! We have needed the rain so badly, being in the middle of a drought.

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