"The proper use of imagination is to give beauty to the world..." Lin Yu-T'ang

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fall's Beautiful Colors

"We have everything here a scarecrow could want, the fall harvest, the beauty of the changing colors, apple cider, pumpkins and cornstalks." ~Mary Martin

I have been absolutely enthralled with this fall season's brilliant and elaborate colors. Here, in Northern California, we are fortunate to have them late into the season. Last year, there was snow in my front yard. It's great to be back in California! Although the snow is pretty during the holiday season, I do love sunshine and the way it sparkles and makes all of the fall colors pop!

Technical difficulties have kept me from posting for most of November. I'm hoping to remedy my situation by purchasing a much needed new computer (mac book pro) soon. I have learned two three four things:
  • I am only as good as my tools.
  • I am able to do what I can when I can with what I have.
  • Not being online as much gave me more time to do other things--(paint, cook, take photo walks)
  • I sooo appreciate my computer!

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