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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hang It Up!

Over at Michelle's Street Team, she's asking, "What's your hang up?" 

 Her challenge this month is to frame some of our own art and hang it in our home. I already have just a few that I'll share here: 

These are a couple of the first collages I ever did and I did them as a pair. They hang in my bedroom to remind me to create everyday.

This sconce hangs in our dining room. It's twin hangs on the opposite wall.

This is a oil painting of the area near where I used to live. I took an art lesson from a wonderful lady in Laguna Beach. It sits happily on top of a cabinet in my kitchen to remind me of the beautiful ocean.

And these are my favs. I have them hanging in my studio. 

I really like this challenge. I think it's important to surround ourselves with art whether it's our own or someone elses's, preferably both. My criteria for what I have in my home and surrounding me is that I love it. 


  1. Kari - bravo! LOVE seeing your art adorning the walls at home - and hearing that your first collages got the hang-up treatment! I agree with you about surrounding ourelves with art. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. I love your collages. I agree about surrounding ourselves with art. Usually everything I make is given away to others, even the painting I had on my wall for a year just got sent out. I'll be framing a new one for this challenge.

    Art every day. Great practice! Thanks for sharing, Kari.

  3. What a great idea to have the collages where you see them everyday as a reminder. Love the oil you did too.

  4. Kari, your collages are so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your art.

    Elena Nosyreva

  5. My favorites are your faves
    There is something about layering that I have always been drawn to,
    ( hmmm... this is thought provoking )
    I see my self doing it with my clothing and there is no doubt it goes on thruout my own home and even into my landscape design.
    What I know for sure is, as you say, surround yourself with what you love !
    Our surroundings have a powerful effect on our psyches.

  6. Great collages and painting! It is so neat you have them around your home!

  7. Thanks for sharing your favorites - it's so very cool to see not only what others create, but also what they cherish. And I love your seascape; that's one of my favorite themes.

  8. Your collages and art are wonderful! They look lovely framed!

  9. This is a sweet insight into your home. I like to have remembrances around me, too. Having it be our own art is so personal, isn't it?

  10. Love your work, beautiful colors. Can see how happy you must feel to look at them.

  11. Beautiful collages! Love the colours and patterns. I'm sure they give you a lot of enjoyment :)


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